Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mounting the Holy Triptych stamp set

At Stampin' Up!'s Convention in July, Jen Bailey mentioned using the Stamp-a-Ma-Jig to mount two-step stamp sets. I filed that away in my head (I thought) and promptly forgot about it.

Fellow demonstrator and SUDSOL member, Maggie Fellow, didn't forget. She posted a tutorial yesterday on her blog demonstrating the technique using the two-step stamp set Heartfelt Thanks. Then she wondered if anyone had tried using Jen's mounting technique for the beautiful holiday stamp set, Holy Triptych.

So I did. (Ain't sharing grand??!)

Mount the tag image normally.

Stamp the tag image. Do not lift the stamp back up immediately – carefully fit the positioner into place at the top left of the wood block before moving the block away.

Pull the block away without moving the positioner.

Strip off the paper covering from the unmounted Holy Family rubber, exposing the adhesive. Place the piece rubber side down to fit as you want it to inside the stamped tag image. (Be careful not to move the positioner.)

Tip: Use a pencil to nudge the rubber into place.

Holding on to the positioner with one hand, place the Holy Family wood block on top of the adhesive-topped rubber, bringing the wood block to fit snugly against the positioner. Press down firmly when it is in place to adhere the rubber.

Now you can turn the block over and see where the rubber is placed on the block. Attach the label on the other side. Repeat the process with the remaining two figure images. The mounting is complete.

When you’re ready to stamp your images, start by stamping the tag image. Bring the positioner into place before removing the tag image wood block. Without moving the positioner, ink up the figure image and stamp it by aligning with the positioner. It fits!


Debbie said...

Great tutorial! I was trying to explain the SAMJ to someone yesterday and couldn't make it come out clear. You did a wonderful job!!!! Thank you so much!

Kathleen Innes said...

My pleasure, Debbie. I learned a lot myself doing the tutorial...such as how much easier it would be to have someone else shoot the pictures! I twisted into some pretty funny contortions trying to have one hand in the photo and the other working the camera. :-)