Saturday, September 08, 2007

Got Scallops?

This is another Convention piece, this time a card that measures 6 inches x 3 inches. Aside from the yummy Fairy Tale ribbon and the cool rhinestone in the middle of the flower, this card features scallops along the front edge. (That's a strip of Cutie Pie Designer Paper peeking out under the scallops...too cute!) are the scallops done, she asked coyly?

It's easy if you have a Stampin' Up! 3/16 inch corner rounder punch. :-)

Start by removing the paper guide from the punch. It slides off quite easily. Turn the punch over and line it up along the bottom edge of the piece you want to punch. (The right side of the punch should be at the right vertical edge of your piece.) Punch once, and move the punch over to the left, very slightly overlapping the left side of the scallop you just punched. Punch again. Continue to slide and punch along the length of the piece until you have the number of scallops you wish. That's it!


Anonymous said...

Well.....aren't you just the "coolest"......great blog. Nice colors. I love it.

good job....keep the card examples coming.

Kathy L.......

Kathleen Innes said...

Good to hear from you, Kathy.

Keep visiting -- new samples all the time!

Andrea S.- Forest Lake, Mn said...

hi! I cant wait to try out the scallop technique... I'm SU and I have been trying to figure out HOW TO DO THIS!! I almost broke down and bought a scallop edge scissors- I can't wait to try this! thanks!!
p.s. great blog, I can't wait to check it out from time to time w/ new posts.

Kathleen Innes said...

Hi Andrea - so glad you found the scallop "trick!" It is a great look that's hot right now. :-) Glad to hear you'll be back!